Michelle May 

Individual Nutrition Counseling 

Individual Nutrition Counseling includes a one-hour Nutrition Assessment to understand your nutrition goals and create a personalized plan.   We will create a follow-up plan based on your needs and follow-up sessions range from 30-60 minutes. We offer in-person as well as virtual sessions.  Learn more about our specialized fields. 

Meal Support

30-50 minute session with a registered dietitian to help support you during meals.  Meal support is offered either as an individual or group setting.  Learn more about our specialized fields.  

Group Nutrition Counseling

Group sessions generally run 4-6 weeks and have anywhere from 4-10 individuals and are run by a registered dietitian.  Groups are 50-60 minutes long. Topics include: Making peace with food, Meal support, body image, cultivating a healthy relationship with food, Intuitive eating principles, meal prep, and cooking demos.   We offer in-person as well as virtual group sessions.   Learn more about our specialized fields.  

Eating Disorder Dietitians in Northern Virginia 

Speaking Engagements

We are available to speak to organizations of all sizes on the topics of nutrition, health and wellness.  An example of our offerings include:

  • Eating for Optimal Health

  • Nutrition and Cancer Prevention

  • Hot Topics in Nutrition

  • Diabetes/Pre-diabetes Management

  • Cooking Demos

  • Intuitive Eating

  • Non-Diet approach to healthy eating

  • Eating for Good Mental Health 

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